Extra Duty Contract


A. I understand that the rate for each police officer is one hundred dollars ($100.00) per hour for a
minimum of three hours per officer.

B. I understand that I will be allowed to change either the number of officers required or the hours each is
required up until 48 hours before such services are required by contacting the on-duty Operational

C. I understand that I will be required to pay for the full number of officers required and hours required
regardless of the time attending officers were engaged in active duty should not notice be made to
modify either the number of officers required or hours each is required prior to 48 hours before the

D. I hereby deposit the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00) as a down payment to be put toward the
cost of these services.

E. I understand that should I cancel this contract for any reason prior to the forty-eight (48) hour time limit
the amount deposited shall be forfeited in its entirety to the Service to cover administration expense.