Citizen Complaint Against Police

This form is for the use of persons wishing to register complaints against Police Personnel or Police policy or service under the Police Act. Section 42.1(4) states that, “a complaint must be made in writing.”

The investigation of your complaint will be facilitated by ensuring you provide complete details in writing, either through using this form or addressing a private letter to the chief of Police as you wish.

Under normal circumstances, you may expect to be contacted by a Professional Standards investigator who will wish to review with you, the details of your complaint. At the conclusion of the investigation, you will be informed of the determination of the Chief of Police, including information regarding an appeal if you’re are dissatisfied.

Section 140 of the Criminal Code provides that any person who makes a statement orally or in writing that is false or misleading or knowingly fails to disclose any information relevant is guilty of an offence.